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  • Double Magic Ring Tutorial (1/10/2023) - So many Amigurumi patterns call for a magic ring to start. But what about a double magic ring? What is a double magic ring and why should you use it? Read on! Magic ring A magic ring is created by wrapping the yarn in a circle (I use a few fingers in the center), chaining […]
  • Crochet Eyes for Amigurumi Crochet Eyes for Amigurumi (4/24/2020) - If your amigurumi projects feel stuck in a rut, try these different crochet eye options for your next project!
  • Learn the Tunisian Simple Stitch with this easy video tutorial Tunisian Simple Stitch Crochet Tutorial (10/18/2019) - Learn to Tunisian Simple Stitch with this video tutorial
  • Complete Beginner Crochet Guide: Reading Patterns (7/15/2019) - Hi again! With all your newfound crochet knowledge, you must be itching to get creating. I know I was when I started! (still am, actually…) The next step you want to take is learning how to read a crochet pattern. Well written patterns will have everything that you need to know in them, including what […]
  • Complete Beginner Crochet Guide: Next Steps (7/15/2019) - Magic Rings, Working in the Round, Increases/Decreases, Working into the Sides of Stitches and Slip Stitches Hi everyone! In this post we are going to cover a few topics that will take you from working on flat pieces to being able to work on 3-D pieces, so let’s get to it! Magic Ring The first […]
  • Complete Beginner Crochet Guide: Finishing Touches (7/5/2019) - Hello again! If you’re here, that means you’ve worked through the crochet basics (1 & 2) and you’re ready to learn how to end a crochet project. I’ll also cover adding a new skein of yarn in, in case your project is longer than what one skein can give you or you want to change […]
  • Want to learn to crochet? In the Complete Beginner Crochet Guide: Crochet Basics Part 1, learn how to make a slip knot, chain and single crochet. Complete Beginner Crochet Guide: Crochet Basics Part 1 (7/3/2019) - Want to learn to crochet? In Crochet Basics Part 1 of the Complete Beginner Crochet Guide, you'll learn how to make a slip knot, how to chain and how to single crochet. With written instructions, picture tutorials and video tutorials, there's something for everyone!
  • Want to learn to crochet? In the Complete Beginner Crochet Guide: Crochet Basics Part 2, learn how to half-double crochet, double crochet and fasten off. Complete Beginner Crochet Guide: Crochet Basics Part 2 (7/3/2019) - If you're learning how to crochet, your skills will not be complete without learning the stitches demonstrated in this post. Written instructions, pictures and video demonstrations combine to teach all different types of learning styles.
  • Complete Beginner Crochet Guide: Supplies (7/3/2019) - Hi there, welcome to Boy Mom Crochet Life’s Complete Beginner Crochet Guide! Have you been wanting to try out crocheting but just don’t know where to begin? It can be daunting to search Pinterest or Youtube for tutorials on how to get started. There is so much information out there, but sometimes you have to […]