Technical Editing Services

I am pleased and excited to announce that I am now offering technical editing services! At this point in time, I am only offering services for crochet.

If you would like to work together, my pricing is as follows:

  • 1+ hours can be purchased at the cost of $25/hour and will be charged in increments of 15 minutes, with a minimum of 15 minutes billed.
  • 3+ hours can be purchased at a bulk rate of $20/hour, with the same 15 minute increments and 15 minute minimum.

I will track all time spent in a spreadsheet that will be available to you (by request) at any time. If you run out of time in the middle of an edit, I will notify you and you can repurchase time here. Your edit will be paused until you re-up your time, so please keep this in mind if you have a hard deadline to meet.

If you have questions or are in need of additional services, let’s chat! Email me at and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

Let’s do it! Below you can use the drop down menu to select the amount of time you would like to purchase.

Tech Editing Time