Ra the Camel Part 3

Finally! Part 3 of Ra the Camel is here and today we will put him all together and have an adorable little camel to enjoy!

Did you miss the first 2 parts of Ra? Here’s part 1 and here’s part 2.

Today, we will be adding the finishing touches, as well as his little poppy necklace, so let’s get to it!

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Supplies for Ra the Camel

25-30 yards Red Heart Super Saver in Buff 100% acrylic, 364 yds/333 m, 7 oz/198 g, weight 4

4.5 mm crochet hook

Fiber fill or other stuffing medium

Tapestry needle


For the eyes:

Black and white embroidery thread (less than 1 yard each)

2.0 mm crochet hook

For the poppy:

1-2 yards Red Heart Super Saver in Cherry Red 100% acrylic, 364 yds/333 m, 7 oz/198 g, weight 4

Less than 1 yard of Red Heart Super Saver in Charcoal 100% acrylic, 364 yds/333 m, 7 oz/198 g, weight 4

Abbreviations/Pattern Notes

sc- single crochet

ch(s)- chain(s)

st(s)- stitch(es)

yo- yarn over

inc- increase

sl st- slip stitch

A double magic ring is not necessary for the poppy, but does make the piece a little more secure than a regular magic ring. If you’re not sure how to work one, check out my double magic ring tutorial.

Eyes (make 2)

Using black embroidery thread and a 2.0 mm crochet hook, create a magic ring, ch 1 and sc 6 into the ring. Insert hook into first st to sl st and yo with white embroidery thread.

Round 2: continuing with the white, ch 1, inc in first 3 sts, then sl st into the 4th st and fasten off. Leave a 4-6 inch tail of each color to attach onto the camel’s head.

Sew the eyes onto the head around the 5th or 6th row from the end of his nose, just below his ears.


Using black embroidery thread, sew a Y-shape on the front of the face to create the camel’s nose. I used the center of the final round as the point where everything met in the center of the Y.


Using red and 4.5 mm crochet hook, create a double magic ring, ch 1 and sc 6 into the ring, sl st to first st to join.

Round 2: [ch 3, sl st into next st], repeat [ ] all the way around, ending in last st. Fasten off and weave in end.

Thread a short piece of gray yarn (around 12 inches or so) onto a tapestry needle and pass it from the front of the poppy to the back, making sure to leave a very short piece of yarn sticking out of the front. Pass the yarn through several stitches, then push it back to the front of the flower, over a space and back to the back where it will pass through several stitches again. Continue this until you think there are enough “seeds” on the front of the poppy. Then cut the gray tail, turn the poppy to the front and clip the connected pieces so that each is split into 2, looking like small poppy seeds. Attach a small piece of red yarn to a slip stitch to create a necklace or leave as is for a small poppy to sew onto Ra.

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