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  • Cat-Mingo Crochet Square (8/30/2023) - This square blends flamingos and cats into a fun and lacy design. Check it out!
  • Fiona the Flamingo Part 3 (6/21/2023) - The third and final part of Fiona the Flamingo. Come finish her and her adorable hat!
  • Fiona the Flamingo Part 2 (6/18/2023) - Continue making Fiona with Part 2!
  • Fiona the Flamingo Part 1 (6/14/2023) - Summer just isn't the same without a friend! Make your own adorable flamingo friend with part 1 of Fiona the Flamingo.
  • Ra the Camel Part 3 (5/27/2023) - Finally! Part 3 of Ra the Camel is here and today we will put him all together and have an adorable little camel to enjoy! Did you miss the first 2 parts of Ra? Here’s part 1 and here’s part 2. Today, we will be adding the finishing touches, as well as his little poppy …

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  • Ra the Camel Part 2 (5/24/2023) - Hi everyone! Welcome to the second part of Ra the Camel! Need part 1? Click here! Today, we will be working on his body and head. We will attach the legs to the body by crocheting them in, just like we did with the toes onto the feet, so no sewing to be had here! …

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  • Ra the Camel Part 1 (5/20/2023) - The second animal in our Honored Animals Crochet Along is Ra the Camel. When you think of animals that have been used in war, you usually think of horses, maybe carrier pigeons or dogs. One of the last animals you would think of would be camels, but they are actually excellent animals for many different …

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  • Bear’s Dream-Mobile Mobile (4/16/2023) - Help your little one chase their dreams in their favorite dream-mobile! This mobile has three of the favorite modes of imaginative transportation with a hot air balloon, a biplane and a rocket ship. Everything a little one needs to reach for the sky!
  • Art the Arctic Puffin Part 3 (2/3/2023) - Part 3 of the Art the Arctic Puffin Pattern from the Adorable World of Arctic Animals Crochet Along.
  • Art the Arctic Puffin Part 2 (1/31/2023) - Part 2 of the Art the Arctic Puffin pattern for the Adorable World of Arctic Animals Crochet Along!
  • Photo of Art the Arctic Puffin that says "Introducing Art the Arctic Puffin, Part 1" Art the Arctic Puffin Part 1 (1/28/2023) - Part 1 of the Art the Arctic Puffin pattern for the Adorable World of Arctic Animals Crochet Along!
  • Photo of crochet Venus Flytrap Venus Flytrap Crochet Pattern (6/16/2022) - Plants do so much to brighten up a space. Whether it’s from the bright colors or the oxygen they produce, I can’t say but I know for sure we have never regretted adding a plant to our home.  Unless my husband lets me take care of it. I have what you might call a “black …

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  • Old and New Friends Lovey (6/16/2021) - This sweet baby lovey is perfect for anyone that loves elephants and is a great option for a beautiful handmade gift for an old (or new!) friend.
  • Mix and Match Christmas Tree Decorations (9/4/2020) - Are you looking to dress up your Mix and Match Christmas Trees? Here you will find the patterns for all sorts of decoration options. Check it out!
  • How to Crochet a Christmas Tree Forest Mix and Match Christmas Tree Forest (8/28/2020) - If you enjoy DIY decor, these (4!) crochet Christmas tree patterns are for you! Infuse some DIY love into your home this Christmas season. Check them out!
  • Stacey the Hedgehog Crochet Pattern (7/3/2020) - What’s cuter than a hedgehog? A crochet hedgehog! Check out how to make your own!
  • Ted the Skunk Crochet Pattern (6/26/2020) - Crochet your own adorable skunk buddy- it's a great no-stink friend!
  • Tim the Moose Crochet Pattern (6/19/2020) - This darling crochet amigurumi moose may not be a good swimmer, but he's ready to play with your little one!
  • Violet the Duck Crochet Pattern (6/12/2020) - This crochet amigurumi duck will be a great friend for your little one- just keep her out of the bath!
  • Ralph the Fox Crochet Pattern (6/5/2020) - What woodland animal theme is complete without a fox? Check out this charming little crochet fox to add to your collection!
  • Donnie the Squirrel Crochet Pattern (5/29/2020) - Finally, a cute squirrel that doesn't cause any problems! Check it out!
  • Mikey the Bear Crochet Pattern (5/22/2020) - This adorable crochet bear will be your little one's newest best friend!
  • Jimbo the Bunny Crochet Pattern (5/15/2020) - Easter comes all year with this adorable bunny pattern!
  • Gina the Gopher (5/8/2020) - Make this adorable pocket gopher to go in your pocket!
  • Woodland Critters Crochet Patterns (5/1/2020) - Find all of the adorable woodland critters crochet patterns here!
  • Leo the Beaver Crochet Pattern (5/1/2020) - This cute little beaver will work up quickly and be a fast friend for your little one!
  • Cuddly Santa Claus Crochet Pattern (11/16/2019) - A cute and cuddly Santa that's perfect for playing or displaying!
  • Drake the Dog Crochet Pattern (9/27/2019) - Every little boy needs a best friend! Why not man's best friend? Come meet Drake the Dog and find the pattern to make your own!
  • Rusty the Red Panda Crochet Pattern (9/20/2019) - Red pandas are some of the cutest animals. Now you can make your own!
  • Pearl the Pig Crochet Pattern (9/13/2019) - This little pig is so cute, you won't want to let her in the mud!
  • Daisy the Dinosaur Crochet Pattern (9/6/2019) - Finally, a cuddly dinosaur to keep your little one company through his sweet dreams!
  • Lil’ Frank Free Crochet Pattern (8/30/2019) - Frankenstein doesn't have to be scary. Check out this cute crocheted Frank!
  • Baby Gamer Lovey Crochet Pattern (8/23/2019) - A video-game inspired lovey for your little aspiring gamer
  • C’s Monster Lunch Box (8/16/2019) - It's business in the front and party in the back. No, it's not a mullet, it's C's Monster Lunch Box!
  • Willow Square Temperature Blanket+FREE template (8/2/2019) - A fun twist on the traditional temperature blanket, the included free template will help you make a cool gift for someone special!
  • Cuddle Rocket Crochet Pattern (7/19/2019) - Happy Friday! Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and I wanted to make something to commemorate it, but also something that my youngest would really appreciate. Enter the Cuddle Rocket crochet pattern! It’s big and cuddly, but can still be played with, no problem. The boys love running around with …

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  • Sleepy Time Truck Crochet Pattern (7/9/2019) - This adorable crochet truck will keep your little one happy during play time and dream time!