Gift Ideas for Crocheters

Are you trying to figure out what to get someone who loves to crochet? Then you are in the right place!

And if you’re the crocheter, you can send this list on to the people that will be shopping for you to make it easier on them and give them a not-so-subtle hint for what type of gifts you would enjoy!

And since these gifts for crocheters are on Amazon- bonus!- you don’t even have to leave your house to get any of it (which is almost a must in 2020)!

It can be difficult to buy gifts for the adults in your life. The things that you know they enjoy, they often buy for themselves. But lucky you, the person you’re searching for ideas for has a hobby with TONS of opportunities for gift ideas!

Below, I have listed some of my favorite picks for gifts for people who love yarn- whether that’s for your mom, grandma, sister, aunt, brother, nephew…. or even for yourself! These are all things that I either already enjoy or are currently on my own wish list.

I’ve broken this list of gifts for those who crochet into 8 categories to help make it easier to navigate. It includes everything a crocheter needs and I hope you find something you enjoy! I know there are several things on this list I would love!

Some of the links in this article are “affiliate links”, a link with a special tracking code. This means if you click on an affiliate link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission- as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The price of the item is the same whether it is an affiliate link or not. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will add value to you. I hope these links are as helpful as possible for you!

25 Christmas Gift Ideas for Crocheters

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Note: I wrote this guide mostly directed at women, as in my (albeit limited) experience, the majority of crocheters are women. I don’t mean to exclude any male crocheters from this, and I do think there are many things on this list that would also apply to them. Specifically, the hooks, yarn, tools, subscriber boxes and other fiber arts items may be of interest to male crocheters- although you know whomever you are gifting to the best and something in one of the other categories may be just what he needs!

Crochet Hooks


Regular hooks

Know someone that is just getting into crocheting and has a few random hooks, but doesn’t have a full set yet? Why not gift them what every crocheter needs; a matching set of hooks! Many sets will include extras that we as crocheters may not think to buy for ourselves but that turn out very handy. For a great value, try this set. It’s just like the one I got when I began crocheting and I still use today (with a few upgraded hooks)!

Is your crocheter a little more experienced but hasn’t branched into Tunisian crochet yet? This form of crochet can seem a bit daunting with the long or cabled hooks and may make crocheters think too much of knitting, but it’s actually mostly like crochet and doesn’t take too long to get the hang of (Bonus: check out my Tunisian Simple Stitch Tutorial to learn how to get started with Tunisian crochet!). Try an economical choice to start with, such as this set (I also have and use these- they work great, too!).

Fancy hooks

This is the set of hooks that I’ve heard recommended the most, in pretty much every crochet community I am a part of. Clover makes amazing crochet hooks- they glide through the yarn beautifully. If your crocheter hasn’t treated herself to this set, you can’t do wrong to gift it to her!

If your recipient is an experienced Tunisian crocheter but has a set of hooks something like I recommend above, you can always upgrade her to these super high end hooks. They’re absolutely gorgeous, as well as being ethically sourced, so you can feel good about your purchase, too!

Lighted hooks

Now I don’t have any official statistics on this, but I would wager at least 80% of crocheters like to crochet in the evenings curled up on the couch. Lamplight is definitely not great when working with dark colors, so why not show how much you care for her eyes by gifting her a lighted crochet hook? They also come in ergonomic styles, so you’ll be helping her hands, too! I received some of these last year and they’ve been amazing, especially when working with black yarns!

Individual Hooks

Sometimes you just have to go for the gorgeous hooks. Furls crochet hooks are the some of the most beautiful hooks I’ve ever seen, but buying the whole set can set you back quite a bit. Figure out what size she uses the most and buy her a one of a kind hook in that size! This hook is a resin hook and the one below is a wooden hook. They have the same style but the wooden hook is a little bit lighter.


Let’s be real, pretty much everyone who crochets also has a second hobby: yarn collecting. Why not enable her yarn collecting habit by gifting her some luxurious yarn that she wouldn’t normally get for herself?

Fancy yarn

I’m talking all of the more interesting fibers. Alpaca, merino wool, silk, etc. This are amazing fibers that make really beautiful projects out of even the simplest stitches, but they are often out of budget for the majority of us. Splurge on her!

Hand dyed yarn

Some of the most beautiful color combinations I have seen are from hand-dyed yarns. And you know that anything made from them will truly be one of a kind since each skein will be a little different. Encourage her to take a break from making things for everyone else and make something for herself with some unique hand-dyed yarn! 

Amazon also has tons of great options for more of the everyday types of yarn. If you know your crocheter’s favorite type, search for it on Amazon- they have some good deals and if you have Prime, you don’t have to worry about shipping!

Local Yarn shop yarn

Getting overwhelmed with all this yarn talk and have no idea where to start? Do a Google search and see if there are any local yarn stores in your city or nearby. The workers there are extremely knowledgeable in everything yarn related and can help you pick a lovely gift- and they sell more than just yarn! I know I said everything on this list could be found on Amazon, but in this crazy year, it helps to do what we can to support small businesses!

Crochet Tools

Maybe your crochet gift recipient already has amazing yarn and fancy hooks. What to do then? Well, there are always some fun and interesting items that can help a crochet addict out!

Yarn bowl

These are excellent for keeping her yarn from rolling around all over the place. They can be ceramic, wood, or anything really, but a quality item can show how you really feel about them!

Yarn tote

Maybe your crocheter isn’t able to sit at home to work, or she has to move her stuff around so much that she is afraid a yarn bowl would easily get misplaced or broken. How about a yarn tote? This handy bag can handle several skeins of yarn, will run the strand through the bag so the ball doesn’t have to roll around or get tangled, and keeps everything in one place for on the go work or just to keep small kiddos from getting into it. I mean, I know we’re here to crochet for kids, but we don’t need them to get into our supplies! I have this bag and it works great! It even has room for my pattern writing notebook and laptop when I need them. Highly recommend!

Stitch/row counter

Here’s something that could make her life a little easier- help her to count her stitches and rows on her bigger projects by getting her a quality stitch/row counter.

Yarn winder

This is an excellent gift by itself- it will help her rewind any skeins that are getting low and hard to keep together or just rewind into smaller cakes if that’s how she likes to work. But it would also be great with one of the yarn choices mentioned earlier- they often come in what is called a hank, and need to be wound into a usable skein or cake of yarn and a yarn winder makes that process go much quicker and easier than doing it by hand.

Neck Light

Does she already have a nice set of crochet hooks that there’s no chance of her switching out for some lighted hooks? Try this neck light. It will help her see her stitches better than a table lamp and still allow her to use her good hooks!

Blocking Mat

If your crocheter enjoys making garments, blocking mats are a must! These mats have measurement lines on them to help ensure everything stays straight. Plus they come with T-pins and a storage bag- it’s a complete little blocking set!

Subscription boxes

This category kind of harkens back to the yarn category, although subscription boxes do tend to include other little goodies with them, as well as a pattern that the yarn has specifically been curated for. And if you’re looking to spend a little more, then this is a cool option because you can choose to have a recurring monthly gift rather than a one-time gift.

While the usual choices you hear for subscription boxes are Little Box of Crochet and Darn Good Yarn, I was very surprised to find this box that is fulfilled through Amazon. It’s for both crocheters and knitters and features a hand-dyed yarn each month.

This second option is just for crocheters! It includes a hand-dyed yarn and a unique crochet hook every month, plus two patterns so you have a choice of what you can make with the yarn provided. I also like that the yarn size varies depending on the hook size (so she won’t be stuck with a ton of the same size hook if you send her this for more than one month). I’m curious why the reviews aren’t higher, but since no one bothered to explain why they rated it as they did (and it’s only 2 people), I still think this is a great get, especially for the price!

Other Fiber Arts Items

Maybe your intended recipient is more on the adventurous side and enjoys finding new hobbies. Why not help her to branch out into other fiber arts?

Beginner knitting kit

A large part of being able to crochet and knit is being able to hold and work with the yarn. If you can do one, I totally believe you can learn to do the other as well. Why not gift her a beginner knitting kit? Bonus, it also shows that you know the difference between knitting and crocheting!

Dying kit

I’ve already established that collecting yarn is a crocheter’s second hobby. But it could be fun to learn how to dye your own yarn! I haven’t tried anything like this, but I would love to get into it, maybe when my little helpers are a little bigger. This can really take her handmade gift to the next level by using her own hand-dyed yarn!

Embroidery kit

This is on a little bit different end of the spectrum, as it doesn’t use yarn like the other options here do. But it is still a beautiful and calming fiber craft that almost anyone could try. Find a fun and quirky pattern to include with it, if you feel like. Pinterest has some great finds!

Weaving kit

The last option that I have for you is a different kind of yarn art. But this weaving kit looks like it would be a lot of fun and has a beautiful result that any crafter would be proud to make. If your crocheter is into trying new things, help her to try weaving out!

Other Items That Can Be Useful To a Crocheter

Most crocheters I know don’t just work at a table in silence. We like to sit on the couch and take part in the conversations around us, catch up on our latest binge worthy show, listen to podcasts or music or just watch our kids play. If you feel like all of the stuff mentioned above is too overwhelming or in the (unlikely) event she already has all of it, here are a few more options that both of you could enjoy!

Amazon fire stick

I have one of these and love it! I often put on Netflix or Pluto TV and just binge shows while I work, especially when I’m working late at night (I like having the sound to keep me company). You can even find Pandora, Spotify and other music apps to play over your TV.

Kindle Unlimited

Maybe her idea of a cozy evening is listening to a good book while she works on her latest project. With Kindle Unlimited, she can have unlimited access to tons of audiobooks, as well as to Kindle books for when she’s not working on something! Not to mention the different crochet ebooks she’ll have available to her! If you know she would just want audiobooks, try an Audible membership.

Amazon Prime

Help her get her craft supplies in two days or less with an Amazon Prime membership gift! This is seriously the gift that keeps on giving! (Plus it includes Prime reading! That’s the same idea as Kindle Unlimited.)

These Amazon options are not crochet specific, but they are still things that I use often. I recently signed up for Kindle Unlimited and I’m loving all of the books that are now at my fingertips- including some great crocheting books!

With these 25 gift ideas for crocheters, you have so many options for so many cool gifts that any crocheter would love!

Which one are you going to be buying?

Need to buy later? Pin it and don’t forget!

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