Double Magic Ring Tutorial

So many Amigurumi patterns call for a magic ring to start. But what about a double magic ring? What is a double magic ring and why should you use it? Read on!

Magic ring

A magic ring is created by wrapping the yarn in a circle (I use a few fingers in the center), chaining the appropriate amount and then crocheting into the ring. 

Once all of your stitches are in the ring, you pull the starting tail and voila! You have a closed circle. 

Magic ring problems

The problem with the magic ring usually happens when it starts to open itself up. If the piece has a lot of tension on it (like if it is stuffed), it can cause the circle to open up at the center. If your tail is woven in, it can be a total pain to try to close it up again. 

You can try to keep this from happening by knotting the tail at the magic ring before weaving it in, or you could try a double magic ring. 

Double magic ring

To create a double magic ring, you wrap the yarn TWICE, then do it exactly like the regular magic ring. 

When you begin to pull the yarn tail, do it slowly and don’t pull it completely tight. Pay attention to which strand of yarn is getting tighter. 

This is the second loop. You will need to pull this out in order to tighten the first loop, then you can pull the tail until the second loop is also tight. 

Now you’re ready to make beautiful Amigurumi with the comfort of a more secured start point!

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