Hi, I’m Darcy!

I’m the boy mom behind Boy Mom Crochet Life and those are my two boys with me (C and B). I began crocheting when the youngest, B, was a newborn. In fact, the only way I was able to crochet for the longest time was while I was nursing him!

But I found that I spent the majority of my time crocheting Christmas gifts for other people, and these sweet little people in my own home were being overlooked. So I took to Ravelry and Pinterest to find designs that I thought they would enjoy.

Being typical boys in many aspects, they both absolutely love anything that moves- planes, trains, cars, trucks… if it moves about on land or water, these boys love it, and that includes things that move with their legs, wings, flippers, or what have you.

In my search, I found that the patterns available for little boys seem to be lacking some in comparison to the patterns available for little girls. Is it because crochet is considered “girly”? I don’t know, but my boys definitely don’t know any different and are always begging me to make them things. So then, what to do?

I decided that there can’t be enough patterns out there, for boys or girls, as everyone has their own tastes and will be drawn to different styles. So here we are! I’ll be posting my original designs (for free!) to share with anyone who’s interested. I hope that there’s something for you here, but if you’re looking for something that’s not here, drop me a line! I’d love to help!