Hi, I’m Darcy!

I’m wife to an amazing husband, mother of two crazy, sweet boys and two good fur babies, former auditor and current crochet designer and tech editor.

Crochet Designer

When my youngest was just born, I re taught myself to crochet and realized that I really needed something to do that was for me. Being a mother is amazing and I love it so much, but I had kind of lost myself in it, especially with all of the other things that were going on in our lives at the time.

And what better to do for myself than the old/new skill I had just been working on?

So I dove into crochet and really worked at it (well, as much as you can while holding a sleeping/nursing baby- which is surprisingly more than you’d think!)

And man, there were some cute and fun projects! Some I still have on my Pinterest boards, just waiting until I get a chance to work on them (looking at you, huge but awesome Star Wars blanket!), but some I was able to finish. 

The problem (maybe not a problem?) is that I mainly crocheted for gifts- still do! My favorite giftees are my boys- they’re always so appreciative of anything I make them, even if it’s not exactly how they requested it and it just makes me so happy to make them things that make them happy.

I’m sure you love that feeling too!

But I noticed it can be downright difficult to find crochet patterns that cater more to little boys. There are tons of things for little girls and women, but way less when it comes to men and boys in general.

So it had kind of been in the back of my mind that I would like to find a way to make more things for my boys and then I signed up for Ideal Me’s Handmade Business Summit and it gave me the push I didn’t know I needed- I was going to begin designing crochet patterns!

Luckily, my husband was amazing and supportive and before I knew it, I was designing my very first pattern- a truck for my truck-obsessed boys!

It’s just continued from there, with more patterns that my boys love and tons still in the idea book just waiting to be brought to life. 

I hope you’ll join along on this adventure with me so I can share them with you! (Visit my Patterns page to check out some of my original designs and let me know what you think!)

Tech Editor

If you’re here because you want to know more about why I got into tech editing, it also began with the Handmade Business Summit.

I actually graduated from college with a degree in Accounting and was an auditor for four years before my husband and I moved overseas with his job, where our oldest was born.

Over the next few years, between navigating life in a foreign country, another international move (back to the US) and the addition of baby number 2, my hands (and my heart!) were full, to say the least.

Finally early on in 2020, I was feeling ready to start doing more with my mind. I love staying home with the boys, so a full time job was still something I wasn’t ready for yet and crochet designing, while still fun and something I enjoy, just wasn’t scratching that itch enough.

Then I got an email about a new tech editing course. The price wasn’t terrible, but was still more than I could swing with my own earnings (which to be fair, were not great). But it also coincided with the beginning of the whole Covid pandemic and things were looking iffy for everyone.

Well, I went ahead and went for it, with the promise to my husband that I would be able to make back the investment by the end of the year. I went through the course and began looking to find clients, which if you’re an introvert like I am, can feel kind of painful at times. But I found some!

And I LOVE tech editing! It’s the parts of auditing and even proofreading that I have always enjoyed, with the adding aspect of helping people make a beautiful finished product that can then go on and help others make beautiful tangible goods.

Sometimes it’s so crazy when I step back and think of it in that way.

And in case you’re wondering, yes I kept that promise to my husband, thanks to my wonderful designer clients! If you’d like to join them and ensure your designs follow CYC standards and are free of typos (among other things), check out this page to find out how we can work together!