6 Unique Free Crochet Temperature Blanket Patterns

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Things have been moving a bit slowly here this week as we all work on getting fully healthy again. This summer cold hit us hard! So hopefully next week, even with all the travel plans we have coming, I can get back to my regular posting schedule.

I’ve been working on a special project for my boys that’s not really close to completion but I’m so excited to share it with you! Today’s post is a hint at what’s to come-it definitely has to do with temperature blankets! (If you want to see what I’m working on for the boys, check it out here! There’s also a bonus for you if you want to try the same thing!)

If you’re new to crocheting or somehow have missed the myriad of posts about temperature blankets around the new year, a temperature blanket is one where each new row/square/other designated length or piece represents one day and the color is chosen based on the (usually) high temperature for the day.

Some people add in low temperatures, weather conditions, or other meaningful criteria to supplement the colors; this works especially well when using granny squares!

So now that you know a little more about temperature blankets, let’s get into it and look at 6 of the best crochet temperature blanket patterns! (Bonus, they’re also free!)

Free Crochet Temperature Blanket Patterns

2018 Temperature Blanket from the Hazelnut Skein

This blanket is super ambitious, but also super cool! Not only does she record the high temperature of the day, but also the low and whether it is snowing or raining. Check out her blog to see how she designed her squares for each day!

Tunisian Temperature Blanket by Nona Davenport

I absolutely love Tunisian crochet! It makes such an interesting fabric and is fun to make to boot! This is a pattern for a beautiful baby blanket made in smaller striped sections holding two colors of yarn at once. If you’re looking for a unique baby blanket or a fun twist on the standard temperature blanket, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Birth Temperature Blanket by CrochetKim

This pattern by CrochetKim is made using slip stitches only! I love her yarn choices and how each row is rather small so the entire blanket will be a more manageable size when she’s finished. It’s also pretty cool that she’s making it from data from when and where she was born!

Mitered Square Temperature Blanket by Kaye Adolphson

This blanket has a different look than most temperature blankets because not only is it made with squares, they are arranged as diamonds. The squares record whether it rained, as well as the low and high temperatures for the day. This will likely make quite a large blanket, but it’ll look amazing!

Claudey’s Temperature Blanket by Cats Dancing Too

This is a neat twist on the traditional single crochet temperature blankets. To keep it from being way too long at the end of the year, she alternated single crochet rows with slip stitches. It also creates a really cool texture on one side!

Baby Temperature Blanket by Traveling Hook Creative

And lastly, we have another baby blanket pattern, but this time in corner to corner (C2C). I think temperature blankets in C2C look so cool; I just love those diagonal stripes! And this blanket is also special since it’s for the first year of her daughter’s life- another amazing heirloom piece!

Hopefully one of these patterns sparked an interest in you for a temperature blanket (or renewed it if you already liked them!).

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A round-up of 6 of the most unique takes on the classic temperature blanket | Boy Mom Crochet Life
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